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About Janet, the Course presenter:

Over decades I have extended my strong background in Pharmacy into natural health and well-being. I have diplomas in Aromatherapy, Reflexology, am a Professional Astrologer, and am initiated as an Ethnomedicine Practitioner in the field of Traditional Health Care. I am also a prior Chairperson of the Herb Association of South Africa (HAoSA).

Supporting healthy lifestyles has played a pivotal role in my career. I grow and use my own vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices. I run frequent practical workshops. I firmly believe in the preventative properties of herbs, and how their tonic actions increase our bodies vitality and energy.

I deeply respect the well-known Hippocrates quote “Let food be thy medicine and medicines be thy food”. My philosophy is to live life, ‘in the now’, as holistically as possible. I am passionate about sharing the knowledge I have. I enjoy familiarising people with the innate wisdom of aromatic, culinary and medicinal plants and vegetables, and the natural ways to help ourselves.

Duration of course:

  • 3 Saturday mornings from 9:00 – 13:00
  • 1st class: 13th July 2024
  • 2nd class: 20th July 2024
  • 3rd class: 27th July 2024 – on this day we will have a snack luncheon and afterwards you will go on a guided tour of Herb Land Gardens with me. I will also take you through the shop discussing various products. Apart from being able to purchase plants and products you will receive a free herb. At the end we will finish off this fascinating end explorative day with Tea and Cake at the Herb Cafe !
  • Venue in Beaulieu, JHB
Herb Land Gardens

The Course and Outcome.
The focus is on building a healthy foundation for our bodies by working with Nature.
Herbs are a gift from Nature. Learn how to incorporate them daily in simplistic and healthy ways.

Module One

  • Origins of herbal expertise/Knowledge/wisdom
  • An overview of the Digestive and Skin Systems
  • The supportive roles herbs play in our daily lives.
  • Meet these herbs

Module Two

  • An overview of the Nervous System
  • Stress and Toxic Environments
  • The Power of Aroma and aromatic plants
  • Humble supportive herbs

Module Three

  • Overview of the Respiratory and immune Systems
  • Discussion on the ways to use the supportive herbs.
  • How the body works as a whole system

There will be demonstrations on how to use herbs safely for your own use.
How to incorporate them into your daily lives.
Notes will be supplied for each module.

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“Using Herbs Simply and Safely for Your Own and that of Your Family and Friends’ Well-Being”

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“A love affair with herbs will never end in heartbreak”