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A garden design based on the uses and applications of herbs. While strolling through the gardens you can see how the mature Herb plants grow and read all about there uses on the individual information cards.

The main groupings are:

  • Cooking Herbs:
    • See all the herbs you can use for different dishes: vegetables, meat, desserts, drinks, edible flowers, etc.
  • Aromatic Herbs:
    • Lemony herbs, sweet herbs, liquorice flavoured, etc.
  • Medicinal Herbs:
    • Herbs for skin, digestion, liver, kidneys, hair, etc.
  • Tea Herbs:
    • Herbs to make a healthy and delicious herbal tea
  • Insect Repelling Herbs:
    • Herbs that are used as companion planting to support the growth of other herbs and vegetables as well as herbs that can be used to repel pests or act as a host plant to attract beneficial predators.
  • Pet Herbs:
    • A collection of herbs to keep your furry kids healthy and entertained.

Be inspired about growing your own herbs and use it daily for optimum health and welbeing.