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Would You LOVE to

grow your own

Herbs & Veggies ?

Herb and Vegetable Gardening


Maybe the reason why you have not started is because:

You feel that you don’t have the SPACE to grow Herbs & Vegetables?

You don’t know WHAT to plant?

You don’t know HOW to do it?



You are tired of Shop bought Herbs and Veggies and would love to have your own Home Grown selection, packed with flavour and nutrition ?

We can show you:

FRESH IS BEST: Grow Your Own

REDUCE WASTE: Pick as you need

SAVE MONEY: Grow what You use

Home Grown Herbs and Vegetables

Why not join the Herb Land


tribe ?

It is Easy !

At Herb Land we have everything you need to Grow Herbs & Veggies successfully in a Box !

Visit us at Herb Land to get Your “Grow-in-a-box” combination recipes to help you plant the best selection together.

Don’t want to wait, no problem, we have planted up boxes that are “Ready-to-Go” & “Ready-to-Use” !

We look forward to see you soon and help you to start


Grow in a box