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About Us:

The Herbal Gardens at Herb Land started out as mother stock beds for Doonholm Nursery more than 20 years ago. These plants are still used today to provide propagation material in the Wholesale Production Nursery.

The Herb Association of South Africa, with Janet Visee as the Chairlady, embraced the Herbal Gardens as their training facility and Head Quarters. This enabled them to fulfil their mandate of Herbal education and awareness for every day living. To be able to create more awareness of the uses and benefits of Herbs, the first Herbal Happening was held in April 2009. A three day event focused on herbal education, awareness, products and well being.

Herbal Tours
Square Foot Gardening Display

The Herbal Gardens were also involved in supplying organically grown herbs to the Global Natural Health Care Trust under the guidance of Dame Annette Montague-Thomas. She is a Registered Medical Herbalist and botanist with over 30 years of experience, and the Founder of both The Global Natural Healthcare Trust in England and Lyme Disease GNHCT Scotland. She is based in the U.K. and in South Africa, where she runs clinics to help people with HIV/AIDS, assisting several thousand patients back to optimum health.

Herb Land Gardens are unique and dedicated to create a space where everybody, young and old, is able to experience the wonderful world of Herbs, learning how to grow and use them for everyday healthy living.

Herb Land – Experience Nature’s Goodness !